"........Michael struck me as having an immense amount of talent and I have watched his career evolve with a considerable amount of interest and pride. Michael isa rare talent in that he excels not only in drumming and percussive instrument but that he also sings and play piano. He brings his own unique sound and rhythmic styling. He can effortlessly move between rock, pop, funk, jazz and world music."
Keith LeBlanc (Annie Lennox, Seal, Rolling Stones, James Brown)


".....Michael is an outstanding and talented musician. Not only he is able to play the parts as required, but he also stands out when it comes to improvising."
Alessandro Maiorino (Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu)


".....Michael Strocchi is included as one of these extraordinary musicians I have had the pleasure of performing with. We met in Torino, Italy, after attending a concert where he had performed. I was immediately captured by his versatility, style, enthusiasm and talent!
I asked him if he'd be willing to join my group and after that experience I realised he wasn't just any drummer, but he was 'The Drummer' who is extremely talented.
He is in a rare class of drummers that transcends genres and yet touches everyone who hears him."
Ginger Brew (Bobby Durham, Phil Collins, Mariah Carey)


"....It is unusual to find a drummer with such a wonderful technique who also captivate listeners with a personal style that gives them a truly memorable experience. He has an exceptional mastery of both Jazz/Folk and Rock traditions."
Randolph Matthews (Grace Jones, Angelique Kidjio)


"....we has the chance to work together for the 'Forum della Comunicazione' held at the Auditorio Parco della Musica in Rome. It was a great experience and I learnt a lot from him. His remarkable skills as a drummer, percussionist and pianist and the ease with which he shifts from one instrument to another are some of the exceptional features that make Michael stand out from all the other musicians I've worked with."
Ivan Alovisio (Luca Ronconi, Peter Stain)


"....I think the best way to appreciate his talent is during his brilliant improvisations."
Ivan Bridon Napoles (New York Salsa AllStar, Horacio 'El Negro' Hernandez)


".......I first met Michael in 2007 when I performed with Prince in London. Michael and I had the opportunity to perform together at jam sessions. These sessions showed me Michael's great talent and the depth of his musical knowledge for drums, percussion and piano. Michael's musicianship, technique, personality and generosity make him a world class artist and human being."
Lee Hogans (Prince, Jay-Z)