It is not so important the name we give to notes....
much more important is the brigthness, the spontaneity of that note!
That's because, I believe, the brighter, pure and spontaneus it was, the more it will resound, or even better re-echo, into the time.
At that point the instrument that will play that note won't be a musical instrument but the very person who was listening and felt.....

N O W H E R E, now here and.....no where.

A mystake, meant like something unexpected and out of the clichè, it is not negative if we find the ability to keep going and don't stop.
The intention of this recording has been the "NO INTENTION" and I had to fight with myself (ego) in order to put the less possible of that part of me who was wishing that "everything would go well...." because, this was something I knew even before, that part carries inexorably an ambition that destroy the moment, and makes spontaneity go away vanishing our commitment.
To play a certain kind of music all we need is to become an instrument ourselves..., like a trumpet, a pianoforte or a violin.....and all this is possible, as long as we really want to.
And we can feel this state right there....where everything, from being very hard, becomes demanding and at the same time easy and natural.

Michele Kathak

"Holy Spirit who lives in the Wind, listen to me:
let me walk upon the beauty of dawns and red sunsets
let me kill only what I need to survive,
let me be as strong as my fellows
and help me so that I will be strong enough
to fight, again myself as well if needed.
So that, when the Sun will set upon my time
I will ride towards You,
among the beautiful open range, without shame."

Native Americans Cheyenne Chief